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Privacy Policy

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We, TOTSUKEN ("TOTSUKEN") is committed to maintain robust protection and control of personal information ("the Information") for its users, since we consider it is the basis of our business activities and social responsibility.
Being aware of the importance of its responsibility, we hereby commit we will comply with Act on the protection of "the Information" ("Act") and also work on continuous improvement for the further protection of "the Information".

Privacy Policy

(1) Laws and regulations, Norms

TOTSUKEN will comply with "Act" beginning applied laws, regulations, ordinances and relative norms thoroughly on dealing with "the Information" and control it adequate and carefully.

(2) Collection of "the Information", use, and provision

TOTSUKEN, will collect "the Information" by fair and appropriate means, use except in the case that has been recognized as an exception by law, was published in advance use for "the Information" and provide it to inform or purpose of use published on this website.

(3) Control of "the Information"

TOTSUKEN will keep "the Information" the correct latest content, and is appropriate and rational; take safety measures, and perform education, training for common knowledge to enforce the measures on our officers and employees.
During the handling of "the Information", TOTSUKEN will make best efforts to prevent leakage to the outside, loss of "the Information", unauthorized use, destruction, falsification, unauthorized access from the outside, and to store them safely.

(4) Sub-contact for control of "the Information"

In case of sub-contracting for control of "the Information" to the extent necessary for the implementation of the purpose of use, TOTSUKEN will select the contractor deemed properly handle "the Information", and enter into the contract not to use a leak and the purpose outside, and perform appropriate and fair supervision.

(5) Requests for disclosure and correction of "the Information"

When there is request such as the use objective notice, cancellation, resumption, correction, addition, disclosure, suspension about "the Information" of oneself from a visitor, TOTSUKEN will cope immediately.

(6) Inquiry and complaint

Please contact us for inquiries and complaints. With respect to the offer of oneself from a visitor, TOTSUKEN will endeavor to deal quick and properly.

(7) Improvement and review of the protection system of "the Information"

TOTSUKEN will review this privacy policy appropriately and try for continuous improvement, enhancement of the protection of "the Information". For its purpose, TOTSUKEN may change this policy without a notice.

Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Change of service

TOTSUKEN shall be able to change all or part of the service at the discretion of the administrator. This allows for damages of the resulting user will not accept any responsibility.


TOTSUKEN shall not be responsible for any problems and troubles occurred by using the services. It is understood that all users are solely at one's own risk.

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